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There are five basic locations on this website for obtaining ...

Pay Estate Taxes Without Liquidating Your Dealership

In the case of a closely held business interest, an IRS R...


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Free Support

There are five basic locations on this website for obtaining assistance and information regarding buying and selling automobile dealerships, out of trust situations, accounting information and general dealership questions:

1. Links. The links section connects you with a wealth of information regarding the automobile business. It connects you with: Educational Materials (Industry Data and articles); Checklists and Forms involving buying, selling, opening and closing dealerships; other websites such as Automotive Publications (Automotive News, Dealer Business, and such), Factory Accounting Sites (General Motors, Ford), Automobile Dealer Association Sites (state and local and NADA), Automotive Accountant Sites (both individuals and groups), Competitor’s Sites, and much more.

2. FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions). The FAQ section answers a plethora of questions and gives dealers and their advisors information on such things as: "What to do When Out of Trust?"

3. Industry News. The Industry News section covers topics we belive of interest to people associated with the automobile dealership business and also provides a link to supplemental information we may have for readers of our automotive publications and articles.

4. Forms and Checklists While many of the forms and checklist provided in this particular section are for the exclusive use of our clients and require “user names and passwords” in order to access them, there are a number of documents, such as “Texas Dealer Laws” and “DOT Licensing Information” that may be accessed without passwords.

5. Contact Us. If you can not find the information you are seeking from any of the above sources, then go to the "Contact Us" section of this website and feel free to submit your question to any one of our highly experienced personnel.

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Free Support

Pay Estate Taxes Without Liquidating Your Dealership

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