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Why Use Automotive Advisors?

Too many dealers (and former dealers) have asked the wrong people, the wrong questions, and as a result, they have made the wrong choices. Do not make the same mistake. Put Automotive Advisors on your team.


The Brunelli Family, Central Chevrolet, a 75 Year Dealer, ---Jim Brunelli. "When it became apparent that our 75 year old family business was struggling beyond hope, we made the very tough decision to sell it. It was important to have a company that appreciated the emotional upheaval and at the same time be pragmatic with the business side. After diligent research, we found that company in Automotive Advisors of America, Inc., and more specifically, in Tom Schindler. From the outset he displayed a thorough understanding of the automotive industry and dealer operations. He coached, mentored, and guided us through the complex maze of selling a franchise. Tom brought confidence, tenacity, and clear thinking into every facet of the transaction. His professionalism shone with his calm demeanor, careful analysis, and painstaking attention to detail. And most importantly, he got the deal done! There are very few people in this industry that have my complete faith and trust. I am proud to say that Tom Schindler is one of that small number. I recommend Automotive Advisors and Tom Schindler to anyone seeking a highly skilled, extremely competent automotive professional. In addition to being an asset for our organization, he has become my friend."

Virginia Peiser- Attorney for Marvin Benn Revocable Trust, Archer Norris "Our choice to engage Tom Schindler, of Automotive Advisors of America, Inc., as our broker for selling a dual franchise auto dealership was an excellent decision which maximized the value of our franchises without measure. I highly recommend Tom and am exceptionally pleased that we had the opportunity to work with him in our sales.

Tom is incredibly knowledgeable in all facets of auto dealerships, and he guided us through many issues, any one of which could have presented substantial losses to our assets. Not only is he familiar with the workings of both manufacturers and dealers from the inside out, he also was an amazing resource for the other vendors ranging from environmental engineers to lift replacement specialist-all providing cost-effective and on-time results which kept our transactions on track.

Tom's systematic and detailed approach to the sales resulted in our deriving far more value for our franchises than we originally expected. He began with a thorough analysis of all aspects of the business, financial as well as contractual, and he presented a single seller's package to all interested purchasers. This approach made it easy for us to evaluate the offers presented to us, and it was largely responsible for the fact that we closed both transactions on essentially the same terms as were offered at the outset. His hands-on approach to our transaction, and his willingness to be on-site for many days, maximized our sales price to the very end in the inventory of autos, tool and parts.

In addition to his technical expertise, Tom is a responsive and pleasant person. I am very pleased that we engaged Tom to assist us with the sale of our franchises and recommend him with qualification."

Steve Simi a 50 YEAR DEALER and operator of Connell Automotive Center, who sold the GM portion of his auto center (Pontiac, Buick, GMC and Cadillac): "I never could have gotten the deal done without Tom Schindler and Automotive Advisors. I had never seen such dedication, tenacity, and professionalism go into a deal. During the close, Tom stepped in and worked with me and my staff for over a week from morning till night, sometimes until 12 PM, even going without lunch or dinner. So much for his effort. His knowledge of the agreement, his skills with his lap top print outs and his negotiating us out of some sticky issues were remarkable. I cannot recall ever having anyone protect my interests as he did."

"Mr. Schindler also sold my Nissan and CJD store, and he exhibited the same thorough preparation, hard work and negotiation tenacity that he did in the sale of my GM store. Again, he assisted in getting through a complex maize of details in order to get the job accomplished. I have no reservation in recommending him."

Dan Gatto- the former owner of FH Dailey Chevrolet/Isuzu-- "Tom Schindler of Automotive Advisors of America, Inc. listed and sold my 100 year old family owned dealership. Tom has great knowledge of the auto dealership market and did extensive research to help me establish a realistic market price for my company. He gave me the information I needed to make an informed decision and found me the right buyer. He helped me with all aspects of the sale and made good recommendations for the needed independent valuations of assets that are a part of every sale" "From start to finish, Tom represented by interests in a very professional and confidential manner. I had no suprises or problems at the close of escrow. I would highly recommend that you contact Tom Schindler of Automotive Advisors of America, Inc. if you are considering selling your store."

DOUG WOODARD, Woodard Chevrolet (a family business ): "Automotive Advisors' handling of the transaction saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars on my purchase. Their knowledge of the industry was awesome; their due diligence was inspiring and, their reports and analysis were outstanding. I highly recommend them to the industry. In my opinion, having them on your team will make a difference.". Automotive Advisors' people are experienced and are "students of the industry." They know the reasons behind the rules and can save you time and money when you are planning your future courses of action.

Their Background and Savvy will likely provide an approach to your affairs you have not considered.

Use Our People and their extensive expertise, as your personal board of directors in order to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Tom Cogliano- a former CJD Dealer-Currently General Manager of Hyundai of Burlingame-- "I have known Tom Schindler for over 15 years and have had the opportunity to work with him on several automotive buy/sell transactions. I found Tom to be extremely knowledgeable, organized, hard-working and ethical. He was invaluable in leading/advising me through the intricacies of those deals. I would use him again and recommend him with the upmost of confidence that he will go above-and-beyond in an effort to get the job done." Even Tiger Woods, as good as he is, has a coach.

“Good Advice is a form of wisdom, and it cannot be derived from ignorance or stupidity.“ Plato’s Republic (circa 370-5 BC).



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